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The app Be Happier is a very practical tool that is very easy to use that helps you improve your happiness.


All you have to do is tap on one of four buttons on the Start screen a few times per day and your Happiness Score is automatically and continuously calculated.


Instructions for tapping on buttons:

  • Tap on the green INVEST button when you start an activity that you ENJOY that does not cause harm

  • Tap on the yellow SPEND button when you start an activity that you DON’T ENJOY that would cause harm if you didn’t do it

  • Tap on the red WASTE button when you start an activity that causes harm to you or to others

  • Tap on the blue SLEEP button when you go to sleep.


In order to increase your Happiness Score, it is best to name your activities (such as work, travel, social media, cleaning, shopping, gaming, exercise, etc.) using the Events tab and tap on the timed event.


At the end of each week or month, review the events and activities that are in yellow (SPEND) and red (WASTE).


Then make changes in your life or modify your behavior to reduce or eliminate your yellow (SPEND) and red (WASTE) activities.


This very simple and practical tool will help you improve and monitor your Happiness Score on a daily, weekly, monthly and lifetime basis.

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