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Your Now Be Happier Goal
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Be Happier - The Basics

Happiness is about how much you enjoy your time.

Your time is divided into 4 types:

INVEST: “Invest time” is time during which you are enjoying what you are doing without causing harm.


·        Enjoying quality time with family or friends

·        Listening to music

·        Sightseeing

·        Eating a good meal

·        Exercise (only if you enjoy it)

·        Work (only if you enjoy your occupation)

·        Learning interesting valuable information (school/college, being mentored)


SPEND: “Spend time” is time during which you are NOT enjoying what you are doing, but if you didn’t do it, it would cause you harm.



·        Washing dishes

·        Stuck in traffic by yourself on your way to work (if you’re not listening to music, podcasts, etc.)

·        Work (if you don’t enjoy your occupation)

·        Paying bills

·        Preparing your tax forms

·        Taking college courses that are not interesting

WASTE: “Waste time” is time during which you are causing harm to yourself or others


·        Arguing/yelling at loved ones or friends

·        Breaking the law

·        Taking illegal drugs

SLEEP: This is time during which you are asleep



How to Be Happier


The app Be Happier does more than just measure your happiness every second and show your score.


Be Happier makes you aware of your small decisions everyday as well as your broader strategic life decisions that determine your happiness so you can make MEANINGFUL adjustments to your life, literally every single day.

Since your goal is to Be Happier every day for the rest of your life, let’s show you examples of how to use the Be Happier app to make adjustments to enjoy your life more.


Drive to Work


Let's say you drive to work 30 minutes each way, five times per week. Normally, this activity is considered SPEND time since you probably have no choice (at this time) to drive to work. You can make the decision to INVEST your time in the car by listening to enjoyable music or a self-improvement podcast while you are driving and take advantage of your alone time to do something you enjoy.


In fact, if you the type of person who tends to get angry (possibly at other drivers) when you are stuck in traffic, which is WASTE time, you can make the decision to Be Happier by listening to your favorite customized streaming music channel or comedy channel.


If you want to Be Happier MUCH MORE, you might want to consider the radical decision to change jobs, workplace or even occupation if your commute to work is unbearable.

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