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Do you want to NOW BE HAPPIER?

The book "NOW BE HAPPIER" is a transformative guide that provides very practical tools and guidelines to increase your happiness:

  • in relationships

  • at work

  • in health

  • in self-actualization

  • in spirituality

  • in community

  • in other life activities

The theory and actionable steps to NOW BE HAPPIER are based on an extremely simple, practical and innovative measure called the “Happiness Score” described in Marc Halpern’s TEDx talk “How to Measure Happiness and Be Happier.”

EVERYONE can easily and continuously measure their Happiness Score with or without the free app “Be Happier.”

More importantly, the compellingly powerful “Opportunity Table” described in the book, identifies and ranks the specific activities in your life that you can improve by converting activities that you do not enjoy or cause harm into activities that you enjoy.

The Happiness Score consists of one very simple formula that consist of four components:

  • INVEST Time = time during which you are doing activities that you enjoy without causing harm

  • SPEND Time = time during which you are doing activities that you don’t enjoy but would cause harm if you didn’t do them

  • WASTE time = time during which you cause harm to yourself or others


What do you need to NOW BE HAPPIER?

  • The Happiness Score

  • The Opportunity Table

  • Common sense

  • The desire to NOW BE HAPPIER

NOW BE HAPPIER” provides a roadmap to not just fleeting moments of happiness, but a sustained and fulfilling life from this moment and FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! Embark on a journey towards greater well-being and discover the keys to unlocking your own happiness, starting right now.

Read this book and NOW BE HAPPIER!

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